Summertime Saga

A fun-filled summer adventure, Summertime saga is a game that has its setting in a criminal filled town. The main character in the story lives in a family ridden full of debt and his father dies. As a player, you and your family must be able to recover from the loss of the parent and […]

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Temple Run

The Temple Run is an action packed game that entails an endless runner. The game is free of charge and it is compatible with all Android phones. The user has to dodge all kinds of obstacles to find the best path to cover the most distance. Users also have to collect the most amount of […]

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Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a free arcade game that you can download on Google play and App Stores. The first game of Angry Birds was released in the year 2009 created by Rovio Entertainment. By 2014, the game had been downloaded by over two billion people. This made it the highest downloaded free game series of […]

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My Talking Tom

This is a virtual pet app released in the year 2013. It was developed by Outfit7. The main objective for this app is to take care of a little kitten named Tom. When you start playing it, you will be invited to grow tom through interactions like feeding, taking him to the bathroom, making him […]

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Exploration Lite

This application is developed by AndrzejChomiac and is a world building game which is inspired by the Minecraft game. This game can be comfortably played by children of six years and above. The game is very similar to Minecraft with no central objective of the game. The player is given the freedom to reign freely […]

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Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five nights’ at Freddy’s is a top rated horror game that can be played with kids as young as 12. The game is best played in a dark room having worn headphones. The size of the game is 49.7mb making it consume the least space. It is developed by a great producer Scott Cawthon.

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GTA: San Andreas

In the GTA, San Andrea’s game players run, use guns, and drive all around the busy cities while performing specified missions like hitting on a rival mob boss. This is the highest rated GTA game ever emerging on top at 94% followed by Vice City at 93%. Experts attribute this top reviews to the games […]

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Video Players & Editor


With Mobdro app, you can stream almost anything from movies, sports, TV shows to even documentaries. This app provides unlimited entertainment and awesome specs all for free unlike in similar apps like Netflix where you have to pay a small amount. By simply saving the videos with Mobdro, you can enjoy the videos later even […]

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Retrica app is the most interactive platform to capture vintage-style photos on your Android device. The great app is well designed to capture and share your best photos with family, friends, and the world. It is also a precise app that will share the lives of many interesting people. Users enjoy unlimited features and they […]

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This app can be used to make videos and edit them. The app is free to use and download and it helps its users to create amazing movies by editing the photos or various short clips found in their phone gallery. This app has many unique features such as being able to edit clips and […]

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Have you ever been in a situation with your friends and you find that all of you cannot identify a certain song? Shazam is an app that is used by many people all over the world to identify songs playing in the background. With just one tap, the app can identify the artist, give a […]

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Kingo Root

  Kingo Root is also known as Kingo Android Root. The app is designed to Root Android devices and it is among the best one-click Android root software. It supports most Android devices and it will automatically recognize your Android device. The app is more reliable than other rooting apps and it does not have […]

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Clean Master

This is a top ranked optimization tool for your phone. Clean Master not only optimizes your phone but also contains a space cleaner and a protective antivirus for protecting your android device. To speed up your device, Clean Master removes residual/cache files, junk files that are known to considerably slow down your android device. With […]

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Photo Collage

Picture collage is the most appropriate app for creating nice photo collages at no price. The app is very unique, small in size, and quite easy to install. The app is the best way to free your photo to the world. The app has an awesome library of frames that are unique and unmatched by […]

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Photo Grid

This is a must have app for all those photography fanatics and Instagram addicts out there. With this, you can edit and create your own personalized photos and videos. The app has all manner of features that you can ever need to create the perfect memory. Features like memes, scrap book, video collage, pic collage, […]

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This is a smart app that lets you shop the smart way while having fun and getting great rewards. Users can create a wish list to get a special offer on items in the wish list and also get a gift card for items that they like directly from brands and merchants. This app has […]

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Have you ever really enjoyed a YouTube or Vimeo video and wish you could save it directly to your phone and view it whenever you wanted no matter whether you were online or offline? The good news is that now you can do just that with the VidMate app.

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1Mobile Market

This is a free and safe app that acts as a directory which sieves through Google Play apps and presents them in a neater, easier navigation menu. This is the ultimate solution to Android users who have been going through a hard time when searching for a desired app or game in Google Play Store.

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The Aptoide App is an app that can work as an alternative Android App Store. It is ideal in that it gives the user an opportunity for creating and managing your own Android store. It is the 3rd largest app store after Amazon app store and Google Play Store respectively.

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ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a great tool for PCs, phones, and Macs. It is a software that acts as a fully- featured file manager which utilizes LAN, FTP, and even Remote Bluetooth.

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Facebook Lite

This Facebook version was launched for low bandwidth users. Since its release in 2015, the app has gained a lot of popularity and it has over 200 million active users per month. The application is slightly slimmer than the original Facebook application and is designed to be used when you are on a low internet […]

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TikTok is a social media app which is created for making and sharing music videos. Whether it is a live performance, freestyle, or dance, users are encouraged to use their imagination to create short, interesting music videos. With Tik Tok, you can easily and quickly create unique messages via videos and share with your friends […]

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Viber is an Android app that will let you send messages or call anyone in the world through a working internet connection. Users can also call loved ones using the Viber’s live video chat that is quite popular. The app has a very cool user interface and it is very easy to download and install. […]

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Developed by Durov brothers, telegram has recently emerged as the new era of instant messaging. The app has succeeded in taking all the best features like speed, security levels, appearance and cloud storage options from other similar apps and combining them together and emerging with a super app.

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WhatsApp is a messenger that is developed with a myriad of intelligent features. It is ideal for instant and absolutely cost-free messaging across the globe. The app is also ideal for voice and video calls, sending photos, videos, and other documents you would like to share. The WhatsApp app relies on a working internet connection […]

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IMO free video calls and chat

IMO is an instant messaging app which provides a lasting and free solution to stay in touch with family and friends. The app supports all major social media platforms like AIM, Facebook Chat, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo and much more. The app is compatible with android and apple phones and can be downloaded for […]

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The Messenger app is a great social networking app that is an off-shoot of the popular Facebook. It is compatible with all Android devices and it is basically one of the cheapest data-based communication apps on the Internet. It allows private communication for users and it also allows other developers to create capabilities and functions […]

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